Thus marks the end of Volume 1 of NDE. A year in the life. I'm amazed at what this has become and can't believe we are going to try to launch Volume 2 at DEFCON. We have plenty more to come after this. A couple of things worth noting, and otherwise I'm going to keep this brief. First - keep an eye on the "news" section. We have a group blog going there and we're finally resolved to actually using it. Second - we have forums now! Come talk with us and some of the writers from NDE. We went back and forth on how we were going to handle this for a long time, as we didn't want to moderate a forum, or really even bring another one into the world just for NDE, but then our friend Bradley, aka ILEx371 at came forward to offer us some space on his forums.

You can join the conversation right here!

Enjoy the magazine! New issue very soon! Come talk to us!

- Schuyler Towne

Executive Editor, NDE Magazine

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