NDE Issue 4 - 07/28/2008

This issue of NDE wraps up a lot of loose ends. Not only do we revisit our ABUS, Medeco and Ingersoll articles from Issue 3, but it also marks the end of Volume 1 of NDE. We are proud to have continued to step up the quality of our offering. Barry Wels opens this issue with what might be described as "quick start guide" for responsible disclosure. Our friend Walter Kiczko offers an engaging narrative of his late night rumble with a BEST SFIC padlock. Editorials abound, it seems like maybe we've got something to say. I'm not sure if that's true, but I'll at least say that this is the best thing we've produced to date. If you like our formula, you're going to enjoy it.

- Schuyler Towne
Executive Editor, NDE Magazine

NDE Issue 3 - 05/26/2008

We are very proud of issue number three of NDE Magazine. It shows how locksport enthusiasts can help improve the security industry, and how some lock companies are starting to open up to us.

We’ve had some requests for articles to be available individually, so beginning with issue number three and for future issues, we’ve decided to publish NDE a little differently. On this main download page you’ll find links to the download pages for each issue. Once you click on that issue you’ll be taken to a page that will allow you to download that entire issue, or you can view each article separately, right on this site. On the day of release, individual articles will become available during the course of the day, with the full issue available in the evening.

- Mike Brewerton
Managing Editor, NDE Magazine

NDE Issue 2

About seven months have passed since the publication of our first issue. With the change of leadership of the magazine we've had some growing pains and delays, but NDE issue number two is finally here. This issue contains some interesting articles from engineers, hobbyists, students, and philosophers alike. It contains the following topics: A breakdown of a Medeco Biaxial, an interesting motion sensor vulnerability, what it's like to pick locks underwater, a humorous tale of a boy finding himself through the lessons of lockpicking, some great information about BiLocks, and more. At the last minute we had to pull an exciting article but we hope to bring it to you in next issue. So download and enjoy!

NDE Issue 1

The biggest mistake I've made was trying to prepare this to be physically printed. It will be done, but I was not ready to do it. The only thing that has suffered as a result is me, however, and I am proud to present the results to the community.

It's a humble first offering, but there is an important article exploring the uncertain areas of our own ethical code, and an exploration of a small, home-based pick manufacturer which revealed a startling personality longing for a stronger connection to our world. There is a hilarious article starring a fancy beverage which, somewhere in the periphery, might talk about opening a Toyota Tercel. There is a lost technique remembered and a few editorials as well.

If I can say nothing else about this, our inaugural issue, it's that it's certainly worth the download.